Review Of The Book “American psycho” Bret Easton Ellis

So it was a situation that I consider myself a movie buff. And, of course, such classic movies as “American psycho,” was viewed by me and later purchased on DVD. Frankly – I am very fond of the various “little things” and the first impression of any work of art, be it painting, book or film I can make for myself have only one detail or nuance. For a given film, this was the scene with the business cards in the restaurant (who looked, that will understand). I write all this to explain two things. First – what was the message for the reading of the work; second – why was this book I really liked.

If the movie is really great, the book could be described as excellent. The book really transcends the film not only by ideological or richness of the plot but also the quality of details and visual images. And “visual images” as a feature of the book I mentioned is not in vain, because from the first pages you realize how cinematic it was written and how much the author tried exactly “draw” it in the mind of the reader.

“American psycho” – the author’s story of a maniac. Here just put the word “normal”. Ordinary young, successful, beautiful and very rich American, who also is a regular serial killer. But there are hardly any normal looking people, so it is hard to imagine an ordinary maniac.

Patrick Bateman, the protagonist of the book, does not tolerate homosexuals, AIDS, the poor, racists, hip-hop, stupid people, bad taste and a lot of things (and someone) else. And his intolerance is so painful that often ends in violence, brute force, abuse and murder. In General, we can say that the whole book is written in order to understand the main character. The author himself admitted that starting to create his work, he made Patrick so individual and independent, then the book practically wrote itself. The book is full of other images that are individual and could be an interesting, if not the scale of the main character.

The main plot question (most likely) – whether real crimes batmen? After the end of the book creates the impression that only violent and sick imagination of the protagonist made his crimes. And believe me, for that would cause the reader of this assumption, the author used not a trivial tip, but very interesting literary techniques. But given the naturalistic and the brutality of the actions, it became already unimportant – they happened in reality or only in the imagination (so all bad).

Should also specify (and perhaps who to warn) about the nature of the text. So graphic and detailed sex scenes and scenes of violence are hard to come by, even in the yellow ponopresse. Better to be prepared for this fact before reading. Among other “literary features” it should be noted frequent transitions of the author in the narrative that from the first, the third person, and such techniques author (thanks to him) used a very appropriate and interesting.

In General, it’s a very ambiguous work. For example, I was ready for a “cool” story, but still very happy with the style of narration. To condemn or justify maniac, perhaps the most difficult. Perhaps because his motives we do not understand? Or so “petty” that they become simply inexplicable? Bret Easton Ellis has managed to create on paper a “real” geek. Therefore, to judge it can only reader who is familiar with his story.

PS Among my friends there are people who like creative or brilliant people thoroughness or pedantry, which was built in the person to the level of a cult or the point of absurdity. So, the main character in “American psycho,” just like that. And to describe all his “issues” the author has spent probably almost a large part of the total volume of the work.

P. P. S Actually, the PostScript was written in order to “entice” you to read.

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