Favorite books by Hemingway

During the journey to Spain, I often recalled the works of Hemingway. Short excerpts and impressions arise spontaneously in my mind. Being in this country I understood why he loved her so much and is very often visited. Spain, I think, impossible not to love. Mouthwatering flavor, the atmosphere of happiness and diversity will not leave anyone indifferent.

So while my memories are fresh, I want to share with you my TOP 5 books authored by Hemingway. I have arranged them in order of your personal rating. If you are not familiar with his work, that is exactly what I recommend to start with the first one. But if you already share my respect for his works, his new biography will surely be of interest to you.

However, I did not confine my personal list. Below, I have given a small selection of books that are very fond of Hemingway. I think that his taste can be trusted! In this case there are also works of Russian classical literature, which is very nice.

My TOP 5 books by Hemingway:

  • “Holiday, which always with you”;

Hemingway’s autobiography about his life in Paris in the beginning of the creative journey. The book clearly shows how important it is to live here and now, to appreciate every moment. After a holiday it is within us.

  • “The old man and the sea”;

The novel that gave Hemingway the Nobel prize. It was one of the favorite books of my father. The first time I read it in 15 years, and have read recently. Impressions, of course, was already very different! 🙂

  • “Fiesta”;

About the “lost generation” after the First World war. A big group of friends travels to Pamplona to watch the bullfights. Here then unfolds the main action.

  • “For whom the bell tolls”;

Describes the events of the civil war in Spain. The book was a bestseller in 1940-41.

  • “Farewell, the weapon!”

The story about a man and a woman, which introduced the First world war, and has separated death.

  • “Ernest Hemingway. The reverse side of the feast of” Mary Dearborn.

New and very good biography of Hemingway. The advantage of this book is that it includes recently declassified materials that gives more information about the life of the great author.

Ernest Hemingway’s Reading List:

  • “The Brothers Karamazov” By F. Dostoevsky
  • “The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn” By Mark Twain
  • “Anna Karenina”, “War and Peace” by L. Tolstoy;
  • “Queen Margot” By Alexandre Dumas;
  • “Of human bondage”Somerset Maugham;
  • “Red and black”, “the Charterhouse of Parma” Stendhal (Marie-Henri beyle)
  • “Ulysses”, “Dubliners” J. Joyce;
  • “Under the shadow of young girls in flower”, “Towards the Swan” by M. Proust;
  • “Madame Bovary” By G. Flaubert;
  • “Notes of the hunter” Turgenev;
  • “Buddenbrooks,” Thomas Mann;
  • “Wuthering heights” by E. brontë;
  • “Treasure Island” By R. Stevenson;
  • “King Lear” By W. Shakespeare;
  • “The school Tellier” by guy de Maupassant.

That’s the whole collection of favorite books by Hemingway. Hope you will find something for themselves!

Happy readingSaid.

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