Review Of The Book “Shantaram” Gregory David Roberts

People play different roles and therefore have different for us the degree of importance. For example, it worth to put in a number of wife, classmate, sister, daughter, and a saleswoman from the local store. If a similar significance to transform the world of books, the role of the novel “Shantaram” will be determined without hesitation. This book is a teacher. Gregory David Roberts has created a work which may not every person will change for the better. But explain how to achieve such a result. There is a real opportunity to return to the colorful world of the deep, dark bottom. Enjoy the riot of colors, to rejoice in the full life and again falls to the same bottom. And return again, this time with outstretched hands honestly deserved another. All of the above – a set of words that have meaning only for those people who read this terrible and touching novel.

Abstract book warns: the work is autobiographical, and sometime after the start of reading this idea rests on the back of his mind. Still volume epic has created an ex-con, a gangster and drug addict. Is there a shred of literary talent in this lost soul that can do at least readable enough volume work? All this nonsense flies in the third minute of the first dive into the book. The adventures of Lina, the main character and the prototype of the author, follow him and released only at the request of the narrator. That is exactly when the end symbols on last page of the work.

India is known for its hospitality and annually attracts millions of pilgrims. One can meet among them many celebrities interesting this way. But you cannot compare the depth of knowledge of this impossible country, by placing in one scale a three-week travel tour, and the other six years of deep immersion. And even the time in this story is not the main indicator. During his Indian life Lin time to learn Marathi and Hindi. He was invited to stay in their village, the peasants, the hundreds of generations that have farmed the same land, and their village for the last two thousand years have not changed her seat. They, in accordance with ancient traditions, gave his guest a new name – Shantaram. In Russian translation is “a person who God gave a peaceful destiny.” Not knowing the value of their own act, they give Lin the confidence and the ability to move the life according to self-chosen direction. The identity of the person may begin to form and at the age of thirty-six years old – nothing is impossible in this case.

A combination of circumstances, namely the lack of money, settled our hero in the Indian slums. Those where the walls of a stretched tarpaulin, the roof from a piece of plastic, and the air around saturated with human excrement, because a public toilet has sewage. Do not despair, it is a conscious choice. The alternative was a night robbery on the streets, the experience of which was Shantaram. And I had no desire – absolutely. It turns out that the coexistence of thousands of people in slums is possible only if their deepest mutual respect for each other. If the person goes beyond that – beating his wife in an alcoholic stupor or fighting with each other on the grounds of religious belief – the elder of the community comes up with a punishment that is commensurate with the offense, after which there is not wanting to repeat such feats. Lina suddenly is work. A sincere desire to help people, listened in his youth a course in first aid and experience of rescue heroin addicts, lapsed into a coma, make it a local doctor. Is qualification appalling? But it’s better than nothing, slum dwellers do not take in a local hospital. And it’s not in human compassion, and in the length of the queue and assigned priorities. On the other hand, Lin does not undertake to diagnose disorders of the pancreas. His case – burns and cuts, the treatment of which is no longer dependent on qualifications, and the availability of medicines.

Two years of practice was prepared by the doctor of the poor to a serious test. In Bombay, cholera came, and the help from the health service did not have to wait. Because the epidemic started simultaneously in all urban slums, and not only in them. And Lin did it, with the small losses overcome the disease. But to forgive yourself of the dead never could. Real doctors, not those with degrees, but has a true talent for healing, saying that he will never be able to forget those patients who are unable to help.

Fate there are still many challenges for returning to the light path of Santarama. Their names are terrible: prison and war, but they will not come to an end. A desperate situation forced Lina to sincerely ask God to send death best friend, and unrequited love will cause a feeling of pity for his own successor. He’s not just brilliantly overcome adversity – will show others a good example. The point here is, of course, stamina and common sense, but it’s just nice words. An example of mental organization Lina can serve as an amazing story that happened to him in an Australian prison. In solitary confinement with him settled a little mouse. For two weeks the prisoner managed to fully tame him. Animal fearlessly ate the bread crumbs with hands, and sometimes resorted to just sit on the shoulder or the head of the bed. Stay in the hole was temporary, term Lin is over, but he managed to warn takes his place on the little grey friend.

The mouse did not stay to live in the world. On the same day him construct alive but soon dead the crucifixion. A new prisoner lockup was very surprised by his life force. Animal, with such tenacity twisted his head from the noose, and little feet so hard was pierced buttons! Well done: a humanoid creature with a sick mentality, a thug and a repeat offender, justly convicted for his crimes, found something fun in a prison cell for half a day. Lin has his own perspective on the incident. He, and only he is responsible for killing the mouse. Because I changed the natural course of things, without thinking for a second about the possible consequences of such intervention. Controversial position in life, and with night robbery heroin addict so generally incompatible.

To write about the storyline of this work can be very long, the volume of the book it easy. As endlessly, you can retell the events in “Shantaram” or analyze the author’s arguments. But most of all this book is worthy of readers ‘ most important assessment – personal, like no other.

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