4 educational books about sex

You think you already know all about intimacy? Try to check and look through the specialized literature. You will see that a lot don’t know about your male body, will gather new ideas of seduction and satisfaction and a lot of other interesting and informative information. Offer you to pay attention to the following publications.

1. “The Boudoir Bible: A Sex Guide for Today”, Bethany Vernon
Your sex is boring? Are you tired of monotony? This book should take its place on the nightstand. Bethany Vernon introduces you to the anatomy of the body with the most sensitive spots on the male and female body and their stimulation. Separately addressed the topic of anal sex, sex toys, shibari techniques, etc. “Bible for the boudoir” will help to expand your theoretical knowledge. To obtain true pleasure, you must forget about shame, to take his body and to experiment.

2. “The Sex Bible. Updated edition”, Paul Joannides
Paul Joannides tried their best. In the book he mentions everything even slightly related to intimacy (affection, kissing, nudity). The author examines the topic of “sex work”, “sex during service in the army”, “sex women during the menstrual discharge,” and so the Book is easy to perception, as from beginning to end is permeated with a touch of humor that brings a smile to the face of the reader.

3. “Intimate gymnastics for women” Ekaterina Smirnova
If you are tired of passive pleasure in sex, want to bring your body in order, remember that in addition to the biceps, the triceps press is also the muscles of the intimate area. If they are in good shape, women’s health will become stronger, and pleasure during sexual intercourse is brighter. What you need to do in detail in his book describes Ekaterina Smirnova. The author gives a detailed presentation of the exercises to be performed and for greater clarity, reinforces their pictures.

4. “Sexuality, Love and Gestalt”, Brigitte Martel
Every person in life had a bad sexual experience. However, not everyone is able to transcend this unpleasant aspect of their lives and move on. A number of people begin to very worry, are closed and remain alone with their problem, ceasing to delight yourself intimacy. The author is a French therapist, with examples of their patients, shows you that there are no desperate situations and all problems can be solved.

Remember that improvement has no limits. Read, learn a lot of new, interesting and informative. Who knows, perhaps this information will be useful to you and will take you to the sex from an unexpected source?

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