10 books that will create an atmosphere of Halloween

Halloween on the doorstep, even outright skeptics can feel its atmosphere and unusual beauty. Even if you don’t want this year to get involved in organizing the party and to spend time on the decoration of the house, there are other ways to celebrate the mystical holiday and create a unique mood. A quiet, thoughtful Halloween with a book in his hands, from which the blood run cold, and the window drumming rain and knocking on glass wind – here who want to penetrate the atmosphere. Here, of course, it all depends on the book. We have gathered for you the most interesting options for Halloween collection, scary places, sometimes enchanting.

1. “The dead from the Upper Logue”, Mariana Romanova

If you dismissive attitude to books of modern Russian authors, especially in the path of thrillers and mysticism, believing that it is some similarity Dontsova, only with skeletons and black cats, you are greatly mistaken. For example, read something from the work of Mariana Romanova. A dark, philosophical tale with a dense entourage of the Russian village – that’s what your waiting for the “Dead from the Top of the Log.” This is not the village, which is remembered along with good grandma and cows in the meadow, and terrible superstitions, to the edge of the world, horror stories and beliefs, a closed little world with its own laws. The author goes through heroes like treasures, weaving them into a single pattern of the Upper Log, surrounded by swamps and woods, where sometimes people disappear, there is a place of terrible priesthood, the attitude of the villagers to the dead and death. Creepy, interesting and exciting.


2. “The Diviners”,  Libba Bray

Exciting detective story, which gradually interferes with more mysticism and otherworldly that only decorates the novel. In “the Prophets” horrible accidents and crimes alternate with Bohemian life in new York in 1929, in the era of jazz and great events. Bloody horrible acts of a maniac, gorgeous dresses and hairstyles, party till the morning, dizzying, people who have a strange gift to see the future or read minds, starlet and tycoons. All this is woven in eerie, but beautiful tangle of the plot. The main character is Evie, a young, but dreaming of glory in new York. She is forced to live with his uncle who owns a Museum of the occult. When the city find the first victim of a maniac, rugged strange symbols, the police appealed to cousin Evie for advice. The girl does not know that her secret gift of insight and murders are linked, and she plays in the investigation, not the last role.


3. “School Spirits”, Rachel Hawkins

Halloween is not only the recurring nightmares that scary blinking and breathing in a dark room alone with a book. It is also fascinating atmosphere of the mystical event, pumpkin, the magic in the air. In this mood you charge “high school”, which actually is perfect reading for autumn. Now imagine a ball on Halloween in a most unusual school – “Hecate Hall” where kids with paranormal abilities. The girls and their companies are prepared for this holiday very carefully, you dream to remove rivals and to grab the most beautiful guys-high school students. It’s one thing to dream and another to go for the kill. Die two girls from the Suite Elodie. Suspicion falls its main rival, the innocence which nobody believes. Except her friend Sophie, who has great magical gift and is ready to fight for justice.


4. “Bird box”, Josh Malerman

Hot autumn new that changes the concept and approach to horror in literature. Imagine a future world or the world in a parallel reality. Over the threshold you will find something so terrible that the blood run cold, but to consider it impossible, unless you are suicidal. One look at something will make you mad and you will die in terrible agony. Here it is the future of the people of the bevel not a virus or a nuclear war. A handful of survivors exist in their homes, many boarded up Windows and doors. Once a single mother and her two children decided to escape from the house, human settlement, where, according to rumors, not to hide his eyes. Her way twenty miles down the river in a decrepit rowboat, blindfolded. However, children rely more on sounds than on reality, so they have a chance. Mad world, mad with fear, but impossible to resist to the last page.


5.  ” Asylum”,  Madeleine Roux

What is Halloween without stories about the old building where the floorboards creak, oblubeny walls and lives an ancient legend connected with the terrible events of the past? Enigmatic photographs, forgotten archives, night visions and fears… the one who gets in this house, hardly can it once you leave. Daniel did not know of these rumors, when he came here allegedly to courses for gifted teenagers. Later he revealed that he came to the shelter, who had been in a hospital for a very strange patients. It is not clear what happened here, it is not clear why some of the rooms and corridors are simply walled up, and not lost the feeling of surveillance. The guy goes on and starts to look for information in the local library, where he finds a shocking photo of the past. This dangerous and mystical history would envy himself, Stephen King.


6. “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, Washington Irving

If you are tired of revisions every Halloween, Sleepy Hollow with johnny Depp, but don’t want to let go of that quite special mood, why don’t you read a book that was at the filming? Especially because Washington Irving – renowned master of mystical novels. The horror they so casually and intimately intertwined with life that it becomes really scary. All these gloomy graveyard, a monstrous disappearance, the legend of the headless horseman, the shrieks from the forest, and more unlikely to give you a quiet night on Halloween.


7. “The Monstrumologist”, Rick Yancey

With the cycle of The Monstrumologist, Rick Yancey be sure to have entered the Olympus of contemporary fiction. His creepy fantasy stories combine the incredible world, intricate plot and mysticism. Just start reading in advance, because “Metrolog” is only the first part of the cycle, and from book to book, the intrigue keeps growing. The story is on behalf of a teenager who under tragic circumstances gets to be apprenticed to Dr. Wardrope. After the death of his parents, dark and filled with mysteries of the mansion – not the best Marina, and the new guardian is not what tears the teeth of patients, and preys on the darkest and most terrible monsters of the city. Along with his mentor, they have to get involved in a mysterious case to investigate a series of murders and to enhance their knowledge about the monsters-the cannibals.


8. “Charlotte Markham and the House of Darkling”, Michael Boccacino

Dark and quite childish tale that is perfect for a scary Halloween night. House Sumerisle is a place where the dead raised, but there is a place alive. Time here flows according to quite different laws. The head of the estate – the mysterious Mr. Whatley, whose main passion is to collect bottles with the deaths. In such an unusual house did not fall just so. For this you need a special gift or, at least, the death of a loved one in the recent time. Two little boy buried his mother, and the veil was opened before these souls. For them the unknown is their young governess, endowed with the gift to see Death itself, which comes for the dead. They are guests of this house, but whether to leave him when the time comes?


9. “Uber”, Nail Izmailov

Two volumes of novels about Uber is a test for strong spirits, because the last time it’s hard to remember a more eerie, primitive feelings of panic and horror books. Mystical Thriller literally knock the spirit and makes you afraid to sleep with the lights off. Ordinary family, ordinary teenage life of a boy who has parents and a younger sister. But everything flipped in an instant, and childhood nightmares become a violent reality. You, so small and insignificant, must save my sister, because adults will not help. No one will help. Remains escape through the woods and swamps, another completely inhospitable world, living by its own laws, a terrifying creature without a drop of humanity.


10. “A Monster Calls”, Patrick Ness

Ness has created not just ugly a novel that will entertain you on Halloween. He created a story filled with meaning and philosophy, in which everyone can at least try to understand yourself. Maybe that’s why the “A Monster Calls” recently, so well filmed. Conor just 13 years old, and he is forced to accept and come to terms with the news that his beloved mother died. The world becomes angry and demands of growing up, and the only creature that understands and accepts Conor, the monster of his dreams. At night and a huge old yew tree turns into something, with whom you can talk and listen. Unusual friendship can cause the same unexpected consequences.


As you can see, there are plenty of books that can create a unique mystical atmosphere of the holiday and force you to take in the mystery of the night. Read and enjoy.

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